Integrating R and Ruby

I did my time with rsruby, rinruby and Rserve-Ruby-client. In retrospect I should have trusted the Rserve-Ruby-client readme which details the problems with rsruby and rinruby.

  • rsruby – dealbreaker is that this is not stable, there are a few other downsides including complex data conversions and compilation issues but enough said.
  • rinruby – slow, but more importantly fails when assigning large data making it pretty much useless. See Bug #2 and Bug #13.

Solution: use Rserve and Rserve-Ruby-client. Both are actively maintained and stable.

Rserver can be installed on Debian/Ubuntu with:

apt-get install r-cran-rserve

Be aware that there is a bug in the Ubuntu package that requires fixing for rserve to work:

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