Josh Marshall on Facebook’s longterm problems

Facebook’s degenerate corporate culture and, specifically, its uses of data which may be technically legal (or were) but can’t withstand public scrutiny are at the heart of its business model… Facebook’s predatory corporate culture and dubious uses of data are too deeply embedded in its business model to be easily extracted. And it may not …

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Alternatives to the ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO

There seems to be a small market for consumer motherboards with ECC.  I had planned on purchasing a new system with the ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO motherboard which got excellent reviews, was reasonably priced, and supported ECC DDR3 memory.  As this motherboard has been discontinued I took some time to find its successor.  I’m not sure …

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Getting more entropy for virtual servers

It is not uncommon for people to have performance problems with the their virtual servers and chalk it up to virtualization as the problem instead of insufficient entropy.  Running a mail server or SSL web server are particularly vulnerable to virtual servers without much entropy.  I have noticed that my virtual servers have had a …

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Chromium Extensions

I’ve been playing with the beta builds of chromium for a while.  There are not nearly as many useful extensions are there are for firefox but these have helped: Copy Without Formatting FlashBlock (there’s also this FlashBlock, not sure what the practical difference is)

Open Source Search Engines with Web Crawling and HTML Indexing

The term search engine is particularly vague.  It can mean an online search engine, or it can mean software that provides something similar to the online search engines, or it can mean software that does fulltext indexing and querying.  I specifically wanted to find a tool that could be used to create a niche search …

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