Will I end up having to write my own Linux twitter client?

I am not at all happy with the state of GNU/Linux twitter clients.  It seems this is all too common in the open source world, too many people working on different products, none of which end up being very good.  I’ve counted 10 native GNU/Linux clients (not counting Adobe Air) and not one of them suits my needs (Gnome, multiple account support, decent interface, works).  Here are some thoughts on each of them:

  • gwibber (2.32) – don’t like the interface, clumsy for multiple accounts
  • pino (0.2.11) – doesn’t seem to work
  • qwit (1.0) – used for a while, might be best of what’s out there, looks abandoned
  • twitux (0.69) – no support for multiple accounts
  • gtwitter (1.0) - no support for multiple accounts
  • mitter (0.4.5) - no support for multiple accounts
  • hotot - no support for multiple accounts, no packages or installation instructions
  • choqok – requires KDE
  • turpial – no english docs, no support for multiple accounts
  • ttytter – no gui
  • Spaz, Twhirl, TweetDeck, DestroyTwitter, Mixero – require Adobe Air


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