Patriot Torqx 2 vs Patriot Warp

I’m replacing a Patriot Torqx drive which failed and Patriot has given me the options of replacing it with a Torqx 2 or a Warp drive.

Drives and Controllers:

  • TorqxIndilinx Barefoot controller – not stuttering like with the older jmicron controllers but not very reliable in my experience
  • Torqx 2 – phison controller – relatively new
  • Warp – jmicron JMF602 – known for random pauses

From the reviews I’ve read it seems like the Torqx 2 is faster but it’s difficult to discern as the Warp reviews are very favorable because it came out 3 years ago while the Torqx 2 reviews are unfavorable because it was released recently but cannot compete with other recent drives.  Both drives show poor performance in iometer, even worse than the Torqx which is a big problem.

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