Installing Windows GPLPV Drivers in Xen

I’ve done this enough times to know it by heart but I remember when I tried to find documentation on this step I ran into countless inaccurate and outdated examples.  So here’s what I do to get the Windows GPL PV drivers installed under Xen.

  1. Download the drivers from  As of 1/18/2012 the latest version is  You’ll need to get the appropriate drivers for your OS.
  2. turn testsigning off on Windows
    1. bcedit
      • I like to check out the config first
    2. bcdedit /set {current} testsigning on
      • this turns testsigning on
    3. bcdedit
      • I usually run this again to make sure “testsigning Yes” appears
  3. restart windows. upon restart the system should indicate it is in “Test Mode”
  4. install the drivers msi file that was downloaded. I always choose “Typical” installation. I choose not to restart at this point.
  5. create new default boot option
    1. bcdedit /copy {current} /d “GPLPV
      • this will copy the current boot setup into a new one called GPLPV
      • pay attention to the id returned here
    2. bcdedit /default ID
      • replace ID with the id from the copy command
      • this sets the new menu to be the default
    3. bcdedit /set {default} loadoptions GPLPV
      • this makaes this option use GPLPV drivers
    4. bcdedit
      • double check everything
  6. restart windows


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