New Keyboard

I’m looking at keyboards as my BTC 6100C is starting to develop some key issues. I’ve been pretty happy with the 6100C but it’s not longer made and BTC is not making any wired compact keyboards at this time. Here’s what I’ve found:

  • A4Tech KL-5 and variants ($40) – these are nearly identical to the BTC 6100C so probably have the same manufacturer. However the A4Tech removes the volume control buttons and the other hotkeys are not particularly useful without remapping. I’m considering it a fallback option is I don’t like the feel of other options.
  • Genius LuxeMate i200 ($19) – I like the layout and I like the fact that it actually has a zoomable picture on amazon to look at the layout details closely.
  • GearHead – 89-Key Mini USB Windows┬« Keyboard ($15 plus shipping) – Looks like a very similar layout to what I have but nothing in the description sells it over other optins.
  • SIIG JK-US0312-S1 ($22) – Better hotkeys and similar layout to the BTC 6100C.
  • GMYLE┬« Ultra Thin Wired USB Mini Keyboard – Only 78 keys, thought Fn + directions for Page Up/Page Down/Home/End makes a lot of sense.
  • Boxcave 78 Key Wired USB Mini Slim Keyboard ($20) – identical to GMYLE
  • Perixx PERIBOARD-407B

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