New Keyboard 2018

I’m once again looking for a new keyboard. I really liked the BTC 6100C and I haven’t found anything as good a fit for me since. I tried the Genius LuxeMate i200 and was not impressed by it. Here is what I’m looking at, mostly the most-popular mini-keyboard on various sites:

  • BTC 6100C on Amazon for picture reference, 86 keys, scissor-switch
  • SIIG JK-US0312-S1 ($17) – Similar layout to the BTC 6100C. Membrane key switches, tight keys.
  • Perixx PERIBOARD-407B – Spaced keys. Similar to Genius board.
  • GMYLE NPL710007 – Only 78 keys, different layout, full right shift, no dedicated Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, instead those are Fn + Up, Down, Left, Right. F11 and F12 are Fn + F1 and F2, spaced keys.

I think I’ll try the SIIG JK-US0312-S1 and see how that goes.

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